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Singapore Comedy Schedule

Imran Yusuf
Date: 15 March
Venue: Cask and Bangers
Time: 8pm
Line-up: Imran Yusuf, Deepak Chandran, Trevor Lock, Jocelyn Chia

St. Patrick's Eve Comedy Night
Date: 16 March
Venue: McGettigan's
Time 7:45pm
Line-up: Kevin Gildea, Aidan Killian, Shayne Hunter

Gala Night
Date: 21 March
Venue: PONG
Time: 8pm
Line-up: Sam See, Kevin Gildea, Jinx Yeo, Shayne Hunter, Danny Garnell, Jocelyn Chia

Crazy Elephant Comedy Night
Date: 22 March
Venue: Crazy Elephant
Time: 8pm
Line-Up: Kevin Gildea, Danny Garnell, Deepak Chandran, Jinx Yeo

McGettigan's Late Comedy Night
Date: 22 March
Venue: McGettigan's
Time: 10pm
Line-up: Jocelyn Chia, Stephanie Chan, Shayne Hunter, Artur Akhmetzyanov

Malaysia Versus Singapore
Date: 23 March
Venue: Get Juiced
Time: 8pm
Line-up: Jinx Yeo, Jocelyn Chia, Shayne Hunter, Prakash Daniel, Andrew Netto

Cask & Bangers Comedy Night
Date: 23 March
Venue: Cask & Bangers
Time: 8pm
Line-up: Danny Garnell, Prakash Daniel, Kevin Gildea, Aidan Killian